Bling King – Outdoor

Bling King opts for unprecedented car wash experience

Car wash Bling King in Torhout decided to live up to their name by providing a spectacular car wash experience.

They decorated their car wash tunnel’s ceiling and the walls between the wet and dry zones with many strips of varying lengths, evoking a radiant sun. Customers selecting certain programmes will drive through the sun, as it were. In addition, the street-side facade of a neighbouring shed was fitted withhorizontal LED stripes spaced a metre apart. The LED strips are mounted behind translucent polycarbonate panelling and brighten up the facade with cheery animations at night. Finally, we also fitted three LED screens measuring 3.75 m² with a pixel distance of 4.6 mm. These display information about the car wash, but can also be leased for advertising by third parties. Saying a trip to Bling King will be a true LED sensation from now on is putting it mildly.

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