Partnership with Moving Ideas for Brico Plan-it

Moving Ideas specialises in mobile and fixed advertising campaigns. The company was looking for a partner to produce custom LED screens. That was the start of a great collaboration. For their end client, Brico Plan-it, we developed fifteen 8 m² LED screens with a custom mounting frame. The frame fits a Mercedes Sprinter chassis perfectly. Moving Ideas launched a campaign for Brico Plan-it which provided all their shops in Belgium with a screen by the entrance on weekdays and driven through the streets of town on the weekend.

When the screen is set up outside the shop, finishing panels cover the frame, hiding the legs and mechanical parts. A 4G SIM card is used to control the LED screens, fetching content from playlists added to our software module. Ideal for remote control of content per screen!

We are currently working on a battery system for the displays to eliminate dependency on a polluting electrical circuit. The battery will mount to the same vehicle and be capable of powering the screens for 8 to 10 hours.

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