11 m² Triangle of Screens

Partnership with Moving Ideas: 11 m² Triangle of Screens

Our partner Moving Ideas, specialising in mobile and fixed advertising campaigns, ordered two 11 m² LED screens for their end client Brico Plan-it – and others. The screens are arranged in a triptych, with a fixed 1400 mm by 2560 mm centre section and hinged screens to the left and right measuring 1440 mm by 2560 mm. Thanks to the hinges to either side of the centre screen, the screens fold back into a triangle for viewing from three sides. Using hydraulics, the three screens can also be held open to form a single large screen, 4360 mm wide by 2560 mm high.

Just as in this project, the mounting frame for these screens is custom-designed to fit a Mercedes Sprinter chassis perfectly. The frame is fitted with a swivel mount to rotate the screen by 360°. Moreover, a central mast can provide another 1 m of height.

The LED screens are equipped with a remotely operated battery system. This way the screen can switch on automatically a few minutes before the scheduled start of the playlist and we can optimise battery usage on-site.

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