11-m² triangular screens

Partnership with Moving Ideas: 11 m² Triangular Screens

11-m² triangular screens


Three in one

Our partner Moving Ideas, which specialises in fixed and mobile displays for advertising campaigns, ordered two 11-m² LED screens for its end customer Brico Plan-it. The screens can be set up in a triangle consisting of a fixed screen measuring 1440 mm by 2560 mm in the centre, flanked by screens that measure 1440 mm by 2560 mm on either side, that can be folded back. The centre screen has hinges on either side, to form a triangular screen, ensuring the images are visible on all three sides. When the three screens are aligned using hydraulic cylinders, they can be used as one large 11 m² screen.

The base of these screens is custom-made, as the case for this project, ensuring it is perfectly compatible with the chassis of a Mercedes Sprinter. The chassis has been fitted with a turntable so the screen can rotate 360°. The screen can also be raised another metre using a central post.

The LED screens are fitted with a battery system that can be remotely controlled. The screen is thus automatically switched on a few minutes before the scheduled start time of a playlist. This also ensures that battery life is optimised on location.


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