Led screens in the car wash

Bling King opts for an unprecedented car wash experience



Car wash experience

The Bling King car wash in Torhout decided to live up to its name by offering customers a spectacular car wash experience. They decorated their car wash tunnel’s ceiling and the walls between the wet and dry zones with various strips of varying lengths, evoking a radiant sun. Customers who select certain programmes get to drive through this sun. In addition, the street-side façade of an adjoining shed was fitted with horizontal LED stripes spaced one metre apart. 

The LED strips were mounted behind the translucent polycarbonate panelling, brightening up the façade with cheery animations at night. Finally, we also fitted three 3.75 m² LED screens with a pixel distance of 4.6 mm. These display information about the car wash, but can also be leased for advertising by third parties. A trip to Bling King has become synonymous with a full-on LED experience.


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