Pixpad Outdoor Mobile

The PIXPAD Outdoor Mobile is an advanced mobile, digital advertising screen that you can easily use as a digital pavement sign or advertising screen at the entrance of your company or can take with you to any event.

    Brightness is automatically adjusted
    Protective glass for the LEDs
    Can be fitted in a passenger vehicle
    Visible in full sunlight
    Single or double-sided
    Caerus control software
Pixpad Outdoor Mobile


Light, stylish and compact

Caerus Vision’s mobile digital advertising screen is extremely mobile, as you may have guessed from its name. You can remove the top part from the pedestal, so it can fit in any car. What’s more, all the electronics are integrated in the top part of the screen, so that it can also be operated without the pedestal. You can convert your PIXPAD Outdoor Mobile into a PIXPAD Outdoor Wallmount in no time at all. The top unit with the LED screen automatically clicks in place when it is installed on the pedestal with the sprung locking pins. The top unit and pedestal also come with a ‘sit-in’ connector system, meaning you don’t need to connect any cables whatsoever. A relay activates the battery voltage when the two units are stacked. Easy as pie!

100% developed in-house

Caerus Vision developed the PIXPAD Outdoor Mobile entirely in-house. The design, the mechanics and the operating software were all developed and built in-house. The pedestal of the screen can be fitted with a battery offering an autonomy of 14 hours. This means you can leave this digital advertising sign outside all day and charge it overnight. The pedestal has wheels so it can be moved around more easily. These wheels are fitted with brakes, so you don’t have to worry about installing your LED screen on a slope.

Intuitive, user-friendly operating software

Caerus Vision works daily on its operating software, which was developed in-house, in order to make it as user-friendly as possible. All our screens can be operated with our Caerus Control software. All you need to do to get your images on your screen is upload your photos and videos to our portal, create a playlist and schedule it. So you always get to see what you want to see at any given time. A handy tool to put sponsors in the spotlight during a coffee break at a seminar or fun promotions at a strategic time.

Technische fiche

Technisch fiche

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Outdoor Mobile
Outdoor Mobile2.9
Outdoor Mobile3.9
Pixel pitch (mm) 2,9 3,9
Pixel density 113367 65536
View angle 140/140 140/140
Brightness 5500 5500
Refresh rate > 1920 > 1920
Optimized viewing distance (m) > 3 > 4
Display size in pixel (W*H) 252*336 192*256
Display size in mm (W*H) 750*1000 750*1000
Overall size in mm (W*H*D) 860*1575*800 860*1575*800
Precessing System Nova MSD300 Nova MSD300

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