Pixpad Outdoor Wallmount

The elegant, compact and light design of the PIXPAD WALLMOUNT is perfectly suited as a digital advertising sign or an information sign on the wall. The perfect eye-catcher for your company or during an event. Adapt your content to the seasons, special campaigns or your content marketing and catch people’s attention with different visuals and videos.

    Automatically adjusts brightness
    Protective glass for the LEDs
    Can be fitted in a passenger vehicle
    Visible in full sunlight
    Single or double-sided
    Caerus control software
PIXPAD Outdoor Wallmount


A digital LED screen instead of expensive billboards

Advertising and publicity does not necessarily need to be prohibitively expensive. Advertising in a magazine can be equally pricey, just like billboards in strategic locations. Did you ever consider investing in a digital advertising sign, that you can leave in the same place 365 days a year while refreshing the content? A digital LED screen on your company’s façade will generate many more views from passers-by than advertising in a magazine or newspaper. Adapt your content to the seasons, special campaigns or your content marketing and catch people’s attention with different visuals and videos.

Intuitive operation with user-friendly software

At Caerus Vision, we find user-friendliness extremely important. Operating a digital information or advertising screen should be child’s play. No hassle with complicated programming code. Instead we developed intuitive software that anyone can use. Our Caerus Control operating software, which was developed in-house, can be used to control any Caerus Vision LED screen. Upload your media, create a playlist, schedule it and you’re good to go!

Fit your screen with a pedestal to use it as a pavement sign

The Caerus PIXPAD Outdoor Wallmount can be used to mount a LED screen on a wall or façade. You can also mount this digital advertising sign on scaffolding. Do you also want to be able to install this sign upright, on the pavement? You can convert your PIXPAD Outdoor Wallmount into a PIXPAD Outdoor Mobile in no time at all. The pedestal is easy to install and can be fitted with a battery offering an autonomy of 14 hours. Moreover the pedestal has wheels, with a brake, so you can also install the screen on a slope.

Technische fiche

Technical specifications

Download specs

Outdoor Wallmount
Outdoor Wallmount2.9
Outdoor Wallmount2.9 XL
Outdoor Wallmount3.9
Pixel pitch (mm) 2,9 2,9 3,9
Pixel density 113367 113367 65536
View angle 140/140 140/140 140/140
Brightness 5500 5500 5500
Refresh rate > 1920 > 1920 > 1920
Optimized viewing distance (m) >3 >3 >4
Display size in pixel (W*H) 168*168 252*336 192*256
Display size in mm (W*H) 500*500 750*1000 750*1000
Overall size in mm (W*H*D) 550*550*120 860*1050*120 860*1575*800
Processing System Nova MSD300 Nova MSD300 Nova MSD300

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